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This will allow you to explore the many different sides of the Midwest state and show you the activities of the region that will not disappoint you. Prepare to enjoy the full potential that a weekend in Indiana can offer and prepare to enjoy all the activities in the region that will not disappoint you.

This weekend will be filled with various locations in Indiana that have made infamous cameos in sports movies, visit Hollywood - worthy places and in the meantime educate you about local team sports. This allows you to experience a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of the state, as well as some of the most popular sporting events.

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If you need your route, we recommend you use the map services listed on this map page. You can use this page to calculate the distance you would filter by SE / NE in our spreadsheet program. For example, if you want to get a list of cities and towns located 30 miles east of East Chicago, you can filter the value table by city, city, or county. If we need a map of a city more than 30 miles south of Chicago Then we filter it by city or city.

Northwest Indiana Community Action is a local community action agency that helps Gary, Indiana and other local families. To learn more about Indiana's free legal programs, click here or dial 1-888-744-5555 for Northwest Indiana Community Action Corporation.

The East Chicago Community Health Center provides medical care for children, adolescents and adults in need of medical assistance. East Chicago also has one of the highest rates of diabetes and hypertension in the state and has the second- highest rate of obesity in Indiana, based on a sliding scale of 1-10, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Chicago also has the third-lowest rates of diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and heart disease among Native American counties.

The East Chicago Public Library System operates a public library system with more than 2,000 books and over 1,500 electronic books. There is also an online library, a community library and a free program for children.

East Chicago is connected to Indiana Toll Road and the Borman Expressway, connecting them with Indianapolis and Chicago International Airport via the Illinois State Line. A casino and a lakeside steel mill serve as a major transportation hub for the city of East Chicago, as well as a number of other businesses and residences. The casino, steel mills and lake buildings are, along with Chicago and Indianapolis, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Indiana.

US-12 and US-20 join on either side or travel in the opposite direction on the east and west sides of each highway. Note: If you are traveling from East Chicago to Chicago International Airport via the Illinois State Line, please leave Central Time and travel to Eastern. US / 12 / US / 20 connects on either side or goes in the other direction on both sides of the two freeways, as well as Indiana Toll Road and the Borman Expressway.

Still, you won't want to miss the Indianapolis Motor Speedway weekend, which takes place every spring. The famous race, as it is also called, can be experienced in the year-round Motorspeedway Museum.

The National Register of Historic Places list includes more than 1,000 historic buildings in the city of East Chicago as well as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Using information from the 1895 Atlas, we have compiled a list of communities in East Chicago. We also have a list of all newspapers published in and around the East Chicago area, as well as information about the history of the city.

Where we have data, we indicate the minimum and maximum population of a place to give you a better idea of the number of people in a given area and the size of its population. The data show that in an area with fewer than 500 inhabitants, such as the city of Chicago, there are more than 1,000 inhabitants.

If you're looking for something more national, check out the US Justice Department's National Crime Victimization Survey. If you look at areas in Indiana where crime is higher - or not much to do - because of a bad economy, this is a very accurate list.

As expected, household wages and home prices are at the bottom end, and the unemployment rate is the highest in the state, at 5.7%. In Indiana, both income levels and house prices were also in the bottom five. Unemployment rates are 4.5% in East Chicago and 3.8% in the rest of Indiana, and are the top 5 of all states with median household income of $35,000.

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More About East Chicago